Pharmaceutical Drugs to Avoid

Some pharmaceutical treatments can do more harm than good. The following treatments should be avoided. Antibiotic treatment does not provide any benefit with enteroviral infections. In patients with severe illness where it is unclear whether the cause is viral or bacterial, such as cases of meningitis, antibiotics may be given until the results of bacterial culture are known. If the cause is determined to be viral, the antibiotics should be discontinued.

Corticosteroids (Medrol dose pack or prednisone) should be avoided as treatment for acute enteroviral infection, if all possible. Although these medications are commonly prescribed during acute enteroviral infections to treat acute asthmatic bronchitis and severe localized muscle pain (neck, chest, back), they should be avoided because they shift the immune response in the wrong direction and allow the viruses to survive in the body. It should be noted that the use of steroids for myocarditis is probably harmful. When the use of steroids is deemed medically necessary in a life-threatening situation, such as severe asthma or adult respiratory distress syndrome, the steroid treatment should be delayed as long as possible, to provide the patient time to develop virus-neutralizing antibodies.