EVF projects

Even though the Enterovirus Foundation is just getting started, we have big plans. Here are our prospective projects.

Determine the role of EV in disease
The EV Foundation will provide pilot grants for promising scientific and clinical research. For inquiries about our grant process, contact info@EnterovirusFoundation.org

Find antiviral compounds for effective treatment
The EV Foundation will support studies for the development of antiviral and antienteroviral medications. Our preliminary plans are to work with organizations such as the Rega Institute in Belgium and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to extend and accelerate work that is already in progress.

Develop better diagnostic capabilities for "hard to detect" enteroviral infections
After the acute phase of an infection, enteroviruses can leave the blood serum and cerebral spinal fluid, completely retreating to organs and other tissue. As a result, it can be difficult to diagnose enteroviral infections without a biopsy, and even then, the tests are limited. The EV Foundation will work with scientists and diagnostic companies to develop better diagnostic tools for detecting these viruses more quickly, less invasively, and with methods that work in less advantaged areas of the world.

Accelerate communication across the research and medical communities
The EV Foundation will sponsor an international conference every year to encourage collaboration between scientists and medical professionals for the purpose of sharing knowledge and determining the most effective use of research funding.

Raise public awareness and improve education about enterovirusesThe goal of this Website is to create a global "go to" web-exchange for scientists, clinicians, patients, and the general public. We look forward to your input in order to make this an informative and useful site for all of its readers, whether they are medical professionals, scientists, or patients who are sick and looking for answers.