The Enterovirus Foundation is dedicated to understanding the role and reach of enteroviruses in disease. Our main goal is to develop effective means to help afflicted patients, whether they have acute initial infections from highly virulent outbreaks or have persistent infections that cause multi-organ illnesses and chronic disease. The purpose of the Enterovirus Foundation is to discover the persistent effects of enteroviruses, to determine the role they play in both acute and chronic disease, and to develop treatments to cure and prevent these diseases.

The Enterovirus Foundation is committed to providing funding for the following:

  • Researching enteroviral infections and their role in disease.
  • Finding antiviral medications that work.
  • Improving diagnostic testing to detect enteroviruses more quickly, less invasively, and with methods that work in less advantaged areas of the world.
  • Accelerating communication across the research and medical communities, including clinical education about the latest in diagnosis and treatment.
  • Raising public awareness about enteroviruses and their role in disease.

Your donation will directly support this effort and will help the millions of people suffering from enteroviral infections. You will help someone you know.

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