Antiviral or Antienterovirus Compounds

Recent research shows evidence that it may be possible to create antienteroviral compounds. More research is required for the development of antienterovirals to be completed

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Anti-enterovirus Activity and Structure - activity relationship of a series of 2,6-dihalophenyl-substituted 1H,3H-thiazolo[3,4-a]benzimidazoles
Armando M De Palma, Ward Heggermont, Pieter Leyssen, Gerhard Pustinger, Eva Wimmer, Erik De Clercq, Angela Rao, Ana-Maria Monforte, Alba Chimirri, Johan Neyets
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Synthesis and anti-CVB 3 Evaluation of Substituted 5-nitro-2-phenoxybenzonitriles
Gerhard Pustinger, Armando M De Palma, Gunther Zimmerhofer, Simone Huber, Sophie Ladurner, Johan Neyets
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The Thiazolobenzimididazole TBZE-29 Inhibits Enterovirus Replication
Armando M De Palma, Ward Heggermont, Kjerstin Lanke, Bruno Coutard, Mirko Bergmann, Bruno Canard, Gerhard Pustinger, Erik De Clercq, Jaques Rohayem, Ana-Maria Monforte, Alba Chimirri, Frank van Kuppeveld, Johan Neyets
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Potential Use of Antiviral Agents in Polio Eradication
Armando M De Palma, Gerhard Pustinger, Eva Wimmer, Amy K. Patrick, Koen Andres, Bart Rombart, Erik De Clercq, Johan Neyets
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